Privacy Page

We have simple and straightforward privacy policy. With this page, we aim to let you know that the website is safe for our visitors and registered users.

What information do we collect?

We collect information of our registered users and those who share information with us like email address, phone number etc. We also track new and existed visitors IP address.

What is the purpose to Gather Information?

We gather information for different purposes including:

Personalize your experience because the information we gathered helps us understanding you better

Improve our site performance by knowing any corrupted or broken links

Bring improvement in consumer services by understanding user’s crawling behaviour

Your email shared to us is used to send our offers and deals from time to time

(Note: Each mail of us carries unsubscribe button which you can feel free to click if you don’t want to receive any mail from us in future.)

What Measures we Take to Keep Your Identity Private?

We are an active organization, having a team of trusted employees. We keep your data safe by using authorized software. No third party is allowed to access the data without our permission.

Do We Disclose Your Information?

No information of you disclosed to any third party. We may share your information to our respected partners only but with the consent that the given information will not be misused.

Do we Use Cookies?

Our site may use cookies which aim to improve our services by knowing your search behaviour.

Our Authority

We have the authority to make changes in the site whenever required. The changes will be made in keeping the rules and regulations in mind.

To get any further information about our privacy, feel free to contact us.